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  • Besek Photography is a home-based studio located in Dearborn, Michigan owned by Tracy Besek.

    Sessions are held in Tracy's home studio and on location in the metro Detroit area.

    Tracy specializes in:
    -Pet Photography for your Furry, Feathery, or Leathery friends.
    -High fashion photography for high school seniors or aspiring models
    -Public Relations, Product, and Executive Portraits for businesses.

    Photo Sessions and Consultations are by appointment only. Ask about our new makeup artist services for your session.

    You may contact by either calling (313) 655-2624 or use our Contact form.

Photography Tip #2 – Backgrounds

Today I will talk about backgrounds.   Of course as a Professional when I work in the studio, I have complete control over the background used.

Photographing out on location is different though.  I have to not only be aware of pleasing composition, posing my subject to flatter his/her build, and adjust exposure for the changing factors of the lighting and weather.  I have to pay attention to distractions of what is in the background of each image that I create.

A few things to look out for:

– photobombers trying to get into the photo.
– trees and poles positioned in such a way that they are coming out of the subjects head
– general clutter

There are two main ways that I deal with backgrounds.

– moving the subject or the camera to avoid the offending background
– using a shallow depth of field (future lesson) to blur out the background.

I use one or both of these methods in almost every image that I create.  Here is an example of how to take care of a distracting background.


This was snapped at a small aperture. Notice the car in the background. It’s kind of distracting

Taken at the same angle with a much wider aperture. The background blends into beautiful creaminess. Where’s the car? It’s still there!

I used my daughter to snap these quick examples.  She was in a semi-cooperative mood.  Notice the catch lights in her eyes as well. 😉  That’s from Lesson #1.

Next lesson: Composition

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Custom Framing

Why do the wall portraits come with custom framing?   I get asked that a lot as well as being asked if they can get the portrait unframed.

My wall portraits come framed. It’s not an option to purchase without a frame.  Actually, you could….there is no price decrease for this option.

Here is my reasoning…

I am a custom photographer that takes care of all the little details that just don’t happen in a large retail studio.  How many times have you purchased a wall sized portrait with the intentions of framing it and hanging it in its place of honor on your wall only to have it sit months…..sometimes years in a box stored away??   Yes, I have been known to do that too!

It doesn’t do your investment any justice to get lost in a closet for an eternity.   This is my #1 reason for selling only pre- framed wall portraits!   Heck, since I personally deliver your order to you, I will even hang it on the wall for you at your request!   I want you to have that art that you invested in to be displayed proudly in your living room, family room, or where ever you have it planned for.

All framed wall portraits and gallery canvases that come from Besek Photography have a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!!!   There is no worry of  taking it to a framer having the edges nudged, or bent before it has a chance to be placed in its frame.   I am delivering you a beautiful portrait as it’s meant to be displayed.
As long as you follow the instructions on how to care for it, and something happens, you may have it replaced.  Portraits framed by Besek Photography do not come with glass.  There are 2 reasons for this… If it’s knocked off the wall, it will not send glass all over your room.  If there is no glass, there isn’t the accumulation of dust as the years go by that causes a film inside the glass causing the portrait to have a foggy/faded look.
The only care you need is to dust weekly with a dry cloth (be careful with manufactured dust cloths like Swiffer that may have perfumes embedded into the cloth) and to keep it out of direct sunlight.

Follow those two rules and your portrait will last a lifetime!  If not, I will gladly replace it!

I have plenty of beautiful wood frames in various natural colors to choose from. It’s certain that I will have something to match your home decor.  There  is also the option to upgrade to any of the deluxe ornamental frames as well!

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Join Our Team! Class of 2012

Do you play in a band? Do you ride a horse? Do you have a unique sense of fashion? Are you an athlete? Do you have a cool and unique hobby?  Do you want to rock the photo world?   Do you want unique Senior Pictures that reflect who you are?

I am looking for students that want to participate in my Student Model Program. You’ll get a free mini session the winter of your junior year to see what it’s like to work with me as well as 2 full sessions the summer before your senior year to capture your full vision for your senior portraits!

Email or call me for details. Let me know you are a junior and interested in the Model Program. I can tell you more about it and explain all the benefits in detail.

-Free Sessions!
-Earn Discounts!-Earn credits!
-Earn other goodies (cash cards and notebook computer)!
-Mini contests throughout the year to win other goodies!!
-send your friends in to get in on the fun!
-Have the best, high quality portraits you could imagine!
-Have a unique one of a kind experience!
-Be treated like the Rock Star that you are!

I am looking for juniors that in the class of 2012 AND 2013 that are involved in school and/or community activities (sports, music, government, etc). You must LOVE getting your photograph taken!

If you are interested, we’ll set up a time to come into the studio for your model session so you and your parent can get to know me, ask questions, and just plain have a great time!

I’m looking for students from the following schools and cities to work with in my Student Rep/Model Program…

– Dearborn Public Schools: Dearborn High School, Edsel Ford High School, Fordson High School, Divine Child High School
– Dearborn Heights: Annapolis High school, Robichaud High School, Crestwood High School
– Garden City Public Schools: Garden City High School
– Westland/Wayne Westland Community Schools: Wayne Memorial High School, John Glenn High School
– Plymouth-Canton Public Schools: Plymouth High School, Canton High School, Salem High School – Livonia Public Schools: Franklin High SChool, Stevenson High School, Churchill High School
– Northville High School
– Novi High School
– Redford Schools: Redford Union High School, Thurston High School
– Farmington Public Schools: Farmington High School, North Farmington High School, Harrison High School
– Allen Park High School
– Taylor Public Schools: Taylor Truman High School, Taylor Kennedy High School
–  Southgate Anderson High School

As well as any other area schools!

We’re only taking limited models from each school so be sure not to wait! Get that application in NOW! you don’t want to pass up a great opportunity like this!!!

Click HERE for our Model Program overview and application link.

I want you on my team!  Together we can make it a great year!!

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